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Simulators & Courses

Our Simulators

Our eight state of the art Full Swing E6 high-definition golf simulators are designed to replicate your outdoor golf experience as closely as possible, with seamless ball flight and comprehensive analysis. They use a real world light technology model that reveals the truest depth, color, shadowing and reflection.

Each simulator includes:

  • Full Swing Golf’s Proprietary Infrared Ball Tracking System
  • Extra Strength Hitting / Viewing Screen
  • Mitsubishi Projector Model # EX51U DLP 2600 lumen
  • High Quality Hitting Mat including simulated sand and rough
  • Computer / Tracking System Interface
  • Full Swing’s E6 Golf Course Software featuring a minimum of 37 high resolution
    championship golf courses.

Golf Courses

Each simulator includes 40 high resolution championship golf courses from the following list: